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Policy protects tornado victims from scammers | News

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Policy protects tornado victims from scammers

MOORE — Crews in Moore are making remarkable progress in the cleanup process. As of Friday, they have hauled away more than 46 tons of debris.

It won’t be long until crews start switching gears from cleanup to rebuilding. The city of Moore is making sure they’re doing all they can to keep sketchy builders and contractors out.

David Caddell has been building in Oklahoma for more than three decades and is the president of “David Caddell Homes.” He’s seen damage from all four tornadoes that have ripped through Moore and has always been there to help.

But a recent policy requiring home-builders and contractors to be registered with the City of Moore before they go to work is costing him.

“The city of Moore is asking $135 for building contractor to pull a license to show that they have insurance and so they are substantial and so they don’t run away with a person’s money.” Caddell said.

It might seem like a lot of money for a little license, but Caddell understands why it is necessary and says it’s worth it to give victims some peace of mind.

“They give you a physical license permit. You’re supposed to have that on your person when you’re working for them.” Caddell said. “If the home owner asks for presentation of that and they’re not able to present it that should raise question in their mind.”

“Our inspectors in the field are out there watching for people who aren’t registered, as well as the insurance commissions department was out there helping us watch for fraud.” Steve Eddy, the Moore City Manager, said.

It’s a team effort to help victims rebuild their lives without any more nasty surprises.

“A certified builder with my credentials, we still have to get licensing from Oklahoma City and Moore in order to build there.” Caddell said. “I think it’s protecting the general public.”

“They still are required to come in and register just so we know who’s doing business out there.” Eddy said.

If you’re still looking for someone to rebuild your home, Caddell says it’s a great idea to use a company that’s a part of a home-builders association.

He also said it’s always a good idea to get references to check your builder out and make sure he is who he says he is. Once you get a qualified builder, be patient and let him guide you through the process.


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